What is the best time to go to Sanya?

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The best time to visit Sanya really depends on the regions you intend to visit.Sanya can be visited throughout the year because of good weather and colorful activities it can offer. Generally speaking, From October to March, they are the peak tourist season of Sanya’s most popular destinations since the weather is the most comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold. If you would like to experience convivial atmosphere., you can come during China”s three “golden week” holidays, which include National Day (Oct.1-Oct.7), Labor Day (May.1-May.7) and the Lunar New Year (Lunar Calendar 1st-7th) the date will change according to lunar calendar. They are the busiest time for hotels, airlines and travel agencies. Hotels and airlines would be overbooked. Therefore, the prices for hotels, air tickets and cruises are comparatively higher than the other seasons. We recommend you come to Sanya off high season, then you can enjoy the same kind of service but with less money.

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