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Dear friends welcome to Sanya trip. Sanya is a popular tourist destination located in the southern tip of the Chinese tropical island of Hainan. It has an area of 1919.6 square km and a population of 536,000 (2006). After Haikou, it is the second most populous city of the island.Located in Sanya, the Yalong Bay and the neighbouring Sanya Bay and Da Dong Hai Resort are regarded as the best beach in China. Enjoying the same latitude and similar weather conditions as Hawaii, the Sanya Beach in recent years has been the main attraction.
Sanya Bay

Yalong Bay Sea Shell Museum, covering an area of over 3,000 square metres,is located at Central Square of Yalong Bay National Resort. It is the first comprehensive sea shell museum in China, merging the shellfish and shell product display into an integral whole.

Yalong Bay Central Square is located at the center of the Yalong Bay National Resort. It covers an area of 7,100 square metres. The intensively landscaped Yalong Bay Central Square is the focal point of the resort along with reception area, restaurants, shopping arcade and public beach facilities.

Butterfly Park is located behind the Longtan Lakes of Yalong Bay, covers a total area of 1.5 hectares. It is a natural garden style tourist and scenic spot merging the popular science, butterfies admiring and shopping amenities. The large-scale exhibition hall occupying a floor space of over 3000 sq.m. with more than 500 kinds of specimens of butterflies on show, displays to visitors the wonderful insect world.

Tasting the local dishes is a must on your journey. Sanya never shirks in its efforts to entertain its guests with a variety of seafood and delicious tropical fruits all the year round. Both of the star-rated hotels and a number of roadside booths serve the freshest seafood. Shopping is also a must on your journey, so don’t forget to choose some sea products and beautiful decorations for you or your friends and relatives back home.

Along with the developing economy of this region, Sanya has become much easier for visitors to reach where domestic and international flights can take you in the shortest time. A journey by train and ship will take you a little more time but give you more opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty around you. With good quality, star-rated hotels and reasonable hostels distributed everywhere in Sanya and waiting for you, there is no need to worry about accommodation


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