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Sanya is a beautiful peal of China and the whole human beings, possessing the most precious resources of China Hainan. The status of Sanya to China is just like the Mediterranean to Europe and the Hawaii or Florida to America. Sanya travel is your best choice.

According to the preliminary investigation, the available tourist resources of Hainan Island are of 241 spots of 11 kinds totally.Hainan Island lies between the tropical and subtropics with rich natural resources as well as natural landscape of tropical island, natural flavor, geothermal hot spring, cultural relics and rare animals and plants. All the domestic and foreign exports and tourists are enchanted by the blue sky, white clouds, bright sunshine, long coastline and many bays, white sandy beaches, coconut scenery and charming sea of Hainan Island.

Sanya travel
Sanya Travel Seabeach

Hainan Island is an ideal place for you to be away from the cold winter, the best time for Hainan travel is between November and March the next year. For the people who are fond of swimming, Hainan Island is an excellent swimming and bathing place all the year around. No matter long or short, a Hainan travel will simply take you far away from the crowded cities, Hainan travel is your best choice for relaxation and entertainment.

Sanya Travel —— Tropical Seaside Travel
This’s the first choice of Sanya travel.A total of 50-60% per cent of the 1580km long coastline of Sanya is composed of beaches. These beaches have a slope of about 5 degrees, and the sea water has a temperature of 18-30℃. These beaches are thus good for sand, seawater, and sunbaths. Vacationing at the beaches, you can take part in the colorful activities of swimming, maritime motorcycling, sailing, diving, fishing, and golfing as well,

Sanya travel Seabeach
Sanya Travel Beach

Sanya Travel —— Hot Spring Tour

Sanya is rich in under-ground hot spring resources with water temperature of 45℃ to 92℃ and the various elements in the water are necessary for human body. Some hot spring tourist spots have been constructed with combination of holiday resort, sports exercise and health care.

Sanya Spot hot Spring

Sanya Travel —— Tropical Primeval Rainforest Sightseeing Travel
Sanya has offered tropical rainforest travel, recuperation, scientific research and exploration at Jianfeng Ridge and Wuzhi Mountain. For the people who prefer the green mountain and forest, the tropical primeval rainforest Hainan travel will fit their travel requires. There are five tropical primeval forest areas in Hainan Province: Wuzhi Mountain, Bawang Ridge, Jianfeng Ridge, Diaoluo Mountain and Limu Mountain Forest Area, which have tropical rainforest climate with warm winter and cool summer. The average annual temperature is 22.4℃. At present,

Sanya Travel  Moutain Vally
Sanya travel Moutain View

Sanya Travel —— Golf vacation
Hainan island has over 15 golf courses and set up golf clubs. Hainan Island has pleasant weather, which is suitable for golf playing all year round. The golf courses locate in seaside, lakeside, near the hot spring or central cities and within the tourist resorts, which can be used to hold all kinds of international and domestic golf matches, golf club activities and body-building for family and individuals.

Sanya golf
Sanya Golf

Sanya Travel —— Diving and Water Sports

Hainan Province has good conditions of diving. The seawater is warm all year round, 6 to 10 metres’ transparency without pollution, most suitable for diving and water sports.

Sanya Travel Diving and water sports
Sanya travel

Sanya Travel —— Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Travel

Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Sightseeing and Holiday Tourist have the features of Hainan national cultural tradition with combination of sightseeing and holiday. Come to Sanya, make a great travel!


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