The Ritz-Carlton Sanya luxury resort

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The Ritz-Carlton Sanya The Ritz-Carlton Sanya

The Ritz-Carlton, Sanya, a luxury resort in China,
features a private beach with views of the South China Sea,
private villas with individual pools, the largest spa in the region
and eight fine dining restaurants.
Experience this Sanya luxury resort today.

WuZhiShan Hainan Island

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Wuzhi Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan, towering 1,840 m above the center of the island. The surrounding areas of Wuzhi Mountain are inhabited mainly by the Li ethnic group.

Wuzhishan, Hainan Province

Various Li myths concerning the name for the mountain (Five Finger Mountain) and its formation. One legend has it that the five mountain peaks are the fossilized fingers of a dead Li clan chief. Another tale is that the five peaks are dedicated to the five most powerful Li gods. Numerous historical poems have also been written about the mountain, the most famous of all by the Hainan writer, Qiujun.


Wuzhishan Resort Hotel

Sanya hainan island,Trip to Hainan Island

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Welcome to Sanya Hainan Island,welcome to Sanya China.Sanya Hainan Island is the best beach destination of China.It’s the only tropical city in China.

Hainan Island, a provincial-level administrative region in China ,the main island of Hainan. Referred to in Hainan Province Hainan, the southernmost tip of China. Qiongzhou Strait to the north and Guangdong demarcation, the north west Bay and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam relative, near the northeast across the South China Sea and Taiwan Province, south-east and south in the South China Sea with the Philippines, Brunei and Malaysia for the neighborhood.

Hainan Island 

Scenic Spot in Hainan Island

Sanya Scenic Spot offers visitors striking views of the South China Sea and 20 km of unspoiled beaches with crystal-clear water for swimming, diving and other sports.A favorite with the local population, Sanya Scenic Spot stretches from Sanya Port in the western part of the city along the coast to the Remotest Corner of the Earth Resort, where public swimming is prohibited. Among Sanya Scenic Spot’s many attractions are the facts that public swimming is permitted and admission is free.

Three km south-east from Sanya (10 minutes by minibus, or less than 1 hour on foot), Dadonghai is not a big, but bustling and appealing seaside resort. There’s a western-style cocktail bar with blues music here. Isn’t it fun to swim in the one of the clearer warm water in Asia, or dive for sightseeing the beautiful coral and other interesting ocean? Don’t be afraid of diving if you never did before, because a professional diver will accompany with you under the water. And it’s very pleasant to lie down under an umbrella to relax, with the tropical atmosphere. (The rent fee for an umbrella is about 50 yuan for half a day.) As you wish, many water-games can be played on this soft and sunny beach. If you’re hungry after all this fun, you can choose a seafood restaurant by the sides of the streets just near the beach, and taste the day’s catch which you pick from the fishermen’s nets. Entry fee: 5 yuan.
Hainan Island Dadonghai

Haikou is the capital of Hainan. Although most travelers head straight for the beach resorts near Sanya, the old ‘Coconut Capital’ has a few things worth checking out as well.
The city is located on the southern bank of the Qiongzhou Strait, facing the mainland’s Leizhou Peninsula. Built on a mound of the coast, it is the biggest city in Hainan Province. 
       Haikou’s industries include tropical crops processing, electronics and textiles as the mainstays of its light industry. It is a foreign trade and sea port city with advanced communications and a complete range of service equipment. The city has beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate and luxuriant vegetation.
image Haikou Location in Hannan Island

Sanya is the second largest city on Hainan Island. The whole of Sanya is related to the sea. Here you can enjoy a unique tropical oceanic landscape that is totally different from the other cities of China. Yalong Bay, Dadonghai, and Sanya Bay, all golden seaboards of Sanya are some of the first choices for visitors to spend their holidays. The best time to visit Hainan Island is between September and March the next year. 
        Sanya is the best resort in China. Those who are fond of swimming and water sports had better come to Sanya. It’s an excellent place for swimming, sun bathing, scuba diving and water sports all the year around, and far away from the crowded cities, it is your best choice for relaxation and entertainment.
Sanya is the southernmost city of China and a famous international tropical seaside resort, which is located in the southernmost point of Hainan Island. Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan island, measure 91.6 kilometers from west to east and 51 kilometers from south to north. Sanya has 19 bays and harbors such as Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Sanya Bay, which is the most well-known. And has 40 islands with the West Island being the biggest one covering an area of 105 square kilometers.
Sanya Hainan Island
Located at the southwest seaside of Sanya, Tianyahaijiao, means the end of sky and the rim of the sea, are marked by several 2-men-high grotesque stones. It covers a land area of 10. 4sq kilometer and a sea area of 6sq kilometer. Ancient poets had lost here in fanciful thoughts of whether there is a sea and sky beyond the one in front of your eyes when they roamed in Tianyahaijiao. Stand on the stones, you can see the southern coastal scenery: the blue sea, the azure sky, the white waves and the dots of sails. Entry fee: 16 yuan.


Located on Hainan’s eastern coast, this area has been famous for centuries for its natural mineral springs, water from which is nowadays piped directly into hotel rooms at a regulated temperature. Tropical agriculture, rubber and coffee are important cash crops here. Coffee is also grown in this area, is very famous all over China, and provides an interesting change of taste in the world’s largest tea-consuming country.
Near Xinglong is the Indonesian Village, principally designed for tour groups and featuring Indonesian singing, dancing, snake acts and a complimentary cup of super-sweet local Xinglong coffee.

Yalong Bay(亚龙湾)
About 20km to the east of Sanya, Yalong Bay is the longest beach in southern Hainan, whose shimmering sands extend along the shore for about 5km. Part of an officially protected marine park. The beach is quiet and peaceful as well as beautiful. You’ll enjoy the cute and valuable seashells in the seashell museum, and can buy some in the shopping area, but they’re more expensive than the vendors on the way to Tianyahaijiao. Any way, the shellpower-made pearl only cost 25 yuan each is very attractive to women for its big size and pearl-like surface. And landscaped butterfly park is the best rest place.

Yalong Bay

Sanya 5 star hotel

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There are sixteen 5 star hotels in Sanya,Hainan,China.They location in Yalong Bay Sanya,Sanya Bay Resort and Dadonghai Resort.

Hotel name Location
Crowne Plaza Hotel Sanya(booking now) Yalong Bay Resort
Kempinski Resort & Spa Sanya Sanya Bay Resort
Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay Yalong Bay Resort
Sheraton Sanya Resort Yalong Bay Resort
Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort, Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
Hotel name Location
Horizon Resort & Spa, Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
Holiday Inn Resort Yalong Bay Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
Universal Resort, Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
Sanya Marriott Resort & Spa Yalong Bay Resort
Yalong Bay Villas & Spa, Sanya Yalong Bay Resort
Hotel name Location
Days Hotel & Suites Sanya Resort Sanya Bay Resort
Yalong Bay Villas & Spa, Sanya Sanya Bay Resort
Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort Sanya Bay Resort
St. Ives Seaview International Hotel, Sanya Sanya Bay Resort
Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay Sanya Bay Resort
Baohong Hotel, Sanya Dadonghai Resort
Resort Intime Sanya Dadonghai Resort

Yalong Bay Golf Club

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The Yalong Bay Golf  Club (Yalongwan Gao’erfu Qiuhui) is a mere 200 meters away from the seashore, just west of the Yalong Bay National Holiday Resort Area. The Club is imbued with a great deal of European charm, and the golf course, designed by Robert Jones, meets all PGA criterion, not to mention those of beach-loving golf enthusiasts.

Yalong Bay Golf Club’photos

Yalong Bay Golf Club 1  
Photo 1
Yalong Bay Golf Club 2 Yalong Bay Golf Club 3

Address and Other infomation

  • Opened 2000  
  • Address: Yalong Bay National Resort Sanya China
  • Postcode: 572016
  • Fixed-line phone: 86898-88565888
  • Fax: 86898-88565055
  • Number of rooms: 41

Yalong Bay Golf Club is located accross the street from Yalong Bay Golf Resort, 25 km from Sanya city and a 40-minute drive from Phoenix International Airport.
The Golf Club can provide pick up from the airport.

Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya Room type

Room Type Avg. rate Bed Breakfast Internet
Standard Double Room CNY 840 ($123) Twin x2 Free
Deluxe Single Room CNY 940 ($137) King/Queen x2 Free

If you want to booking Yalong Bay Golf Club,please send an email to us with your order information. Our email address is # to @).

Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya Reviews

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Reviews about  Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya

1.Huge rooms overlooking great beach for a great price

We stayed at the Landscape Beach Hotel from February 15-20 – which fell about 1 week after the Lantern Festival this year (which means that it wasn’t as busy as it would have been during the Spring Festival). We booked directly with the hotel (a first for me in China – which made me a bit nervous), but the airport transfer went without a hitch as did our check-in. We reserved two “Wide bed rooms with super-splendid sea scenic,” which were extremely spacious with king size beds and great views of the sea and the mountains on the other side of the bay. The staff was quite friendly, although at least in this part of Sanya, most of the tourists are Russian, so learning English isn’t a big priority. Overall I would highly recommend this hotel with four small complaints: 1. the in room refrigerators in both rooms were not very cold, 2. the tile floors in the rooms were rather dirty, 3. the bathrooms could have used updating, and 4. the “western” breakfast could have had more western food than just breads and fried eggs. BUT – no sewer smells (very common in Chinese hotel rooms), a very nice pool, a small playground for our daughter, and as I mentioned before, a GREAT view from a huge room with a balcony – and very reasonably priced for a beach hotel!

2.Sanya this to set a total of three hotels.
This is one I am most unhappy with.
Room very small. Air conditioning is very weak.
These are also tolerable.
Services too bad. Since the first day I live in other hotels. Lijing morning to come. Although the setting of the room. There is also the latest of stay. But do not be afraid of too early to go room occupancy. Give so called hotel. Hotel Miss wiring Say nervous because of housing. the best the best go about 12:00. but wait for us to go the. Front Desk canceled the agreement actually said. because I did not at time * (11:00) to the hotel. I said earlier not to fight over the phone. Say you go around 12:00? Front Desk Health Service had said that there was no call. because one morning she is to answer the phone. that I will not be called. my halo!! my own calls Is there a fault? results are not received her phone. Front Desk-based Health Services received a telephone.
And she had a very hard line attitude. Afterwards knew the mistake did not give him my Road.
Very bad mood.
Gas at the people behind. And my boyfriend at the time to sleep. Health Services had not rang the bell to open the door into the room of their own.
Hear the voice of her boyfriend to wake up from their sleep and suddenly see other people are from our walk out of the room. What is this hotel? Too scary a. Although there is an apology after him.
But we were never encountered the shock.
Hotel the most important thing is the Service Bar.
I will never again had Lijing.
Recommend other friends do not want to go. Because there is a lot of good hotels in Sanya.

Unique advantages of the surrounding environment also visit convenience meals.

Overall good, very close from the beach, and go on to see the sea, and very convenient.

Hotel Services are also fortunate that my set is a Mountain View room, give free upgrade to sea view room, on the balcony you can see the sea, really beautiful!


Booked through eLong.
The other reviews say it about right, but miss a couple of important things.
1) DaDongHai, where the hotel is is mostly aimed at Russians. Go expecting this. The hotel staff will likely start in Russian. Street hawkers will shout to you in Russian. Many of the bars in the area will have Russian & Chinese menus.
2) The booked hotel price through eLong was ok. The hotel a little tired, but fine. Some problems with keeping the flying insects out of the room. Stayed in the “villas”. Staff helpful, but sometimes took a while to catch on what I wanted.
3) Some like the unchlorinated pool, but others are worried by it. The sea appears across a road on a map, but actually good & safe access to the beach.
Like many hotels in China, not a lot to do at night. Add though that the nearby sea-side restaurants will close about 2AM when it’s cooler: just a short walk along the board-walk, not so much of an issue.
Over-all I’d likely stay there again to show my family DaDongHai: enjoyed it much more than the next week in a Sanya Bay resort.
Liked — Air-conditioning
Disliked — mosquitos

Triptosanya.Com’tips to Landscape Beach Hotel Sanya.
please confirm your reservation and price when you had booked.

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