Beauty Sanya held Bikini party, Bikini party at Sanya Hainan, China

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Around 1,000 trendy men and women enjoyed a massive bikini party held in Sanya, southern China’s Hainan province on Sunday, reports China News Service.

Sanya Bikini Party
People’s enthusiasm to enjoy the bikini party wasn’t affected by the tropical storm, Goni. Wearing the sexy bikinis, the party turned Sanya’s Yalong Bay into a bikini showcase. The revelers launched beach activities such as the traditional bamboo dance and a push-and-pull competition during the party. Bikini girls even used their bodies to pose in logos such as “SANYA” on the bay.This bikini event was organized jointly by Sanya city government and Trends health magazine.At the evening party, singer Coco Lee, Chinese pop duo Yu Quan and other stars appeared and gave performances.

Sanya Bikini Party
Girls and Boys Bikini Party

Sanya Bikini Party

Happy Sanya Bikini Party Girls

Sanya Bikini Party Bikini Make a “Sanya” Logo

Sanya Bikini Party, Sweet Girls

Sanya Sweet Bikini Girls

Sanya Beauty Bikini Girls
Sanya Bikini Girl,So Beauty..

Sanya Bikini Party

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