Beauty Sanya held Bikini party, Bikini party at Sanya Hainan, China

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Around 1,000 trendy men and women enjoyed a massive bikini party held in Sanya, southern China’s Hainan province on Sunday, reports China News Service.

Sanya Bikini Party
People’s enthusiasm to enjoy the bikini party wasn’t affected by the tropical storm, Goni. Wearing the sexy bikinis, the party turned Sanya’s Yalong Bay into a bikini showcase. The revelers launched beach activities such as the traditional bamboo dance and a push-and-pull competition during the party. Bikini girls even used their bodies to pose in logos such as “SANYA” on the bay.This bikini event was organized jointly by Sanya city government and Trends health magazine.At the evening party, singer Coco Lee, Chinese pop duo Yu Quan and other stars appeared and gave performances.

Sanya Bikini Party
Girls and Boys Bikini Party

Sanya Bikini Party

Happy Sanya Bikini Party Girls

Sanya Bikini Party Bikini Make a “Sanya” Logo

Sanya Bikini Party, Sweet Girls

Sanya Sweet Bikini Girls

Sanya Beauty Bikini Girls
Sanya Bikini Girl,So Beauty..

Sanya Bikini Party

Welcome to Sanya!

Sanya Maps, Sanya Hotel map, Map of Sanya China

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Sanya Maps So far, We have made the internet maps of Sanya Hainan Island China including a detailed street map of Sanya Hainan Island China. we have checked out the following maps of Sanya Hainan Island China from internet and we have worked out our own street map of Sanya Hainan Island. Please email us to holiday if you want to have a printed map of Sanya Hainan Island in English and Chinese.

map of sanya china
Map Of  Sanya China

Sanya Hainan China

China Sanya Map

sanya bay map

Sanya Bay Map

Sanya Maps

If you have any question about Sanya Maps, Please send us email, We will contact you ASAP.Hainan Sanya maps illustrate its geography location, as well as hotels, major attractions, roads, restaurants, clubs and bridges and More Sanya Maps Coming Soon..

Sanya Travel Best choice for traveling on Hainan Island

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Sanya is a beautiful peal of China and the whole human beings, possessing the most precious resources of China Hainan. The status of Sanya to China is just like the Mediterranean to Europe and the Hawaii or Florida to America. Sanya travel is your best choice.

According to the preliminary investigation, the available tourist resources of Hainan Island are of 241 spots of 11 kinds totally.Hainan Island lies between the tropical and subtropics with rich natural resources as well as natural landscape of tropical island, natural flavor, geothermal hot spring, cultural relics and rare animals and plants. All the domestic and foreign exports and tourists are enchanted by the blue sky, white clouds, bright sunshine, long coastline and many bays, white sandy beaches, coconut scenery and charming sea of Hainan Island.

Sanya travel
Sanya Travel Seabeach

Hainan Island is an ideal place for you to be away from the cold winter, the best time for Hainan travel is between November and March the next year. For the people who are fond of swimming, Hainan Island is an excellent swimming and bathing place all the year around. No matter long or short, a Hainan travel will simply take you far away from the crowded cities, Hainan travel is your best choice for relaxation and entertainment.

Sanya Travel —— Tropical Seaside Travel
This’s the first choice of Sanya travel.A total of 50-60% per cent of the 1580km long coastline of Sanya is composed of beaches. These beaches have a slope of about 5 degrees, and the sea water has a temperature of 18-30℃. These beaches are thus good for sand, seawater, and sunbaths. Vacationing at the beaches, you can take part in the colorful activities of swimming, maritime motorcycling, sailing, diving, fishing, and golfing as well,

Sanya travel Seabeach
Sanya Travel Beach

Sanya Travel —— Hot Spring Tour

Sanya is rich in under-ground hot spring resources with water temperature of 45℃ to 92℃ and the various elements in the water are necessary for human body. Some hot spring tourist spots have been constructed with combination of holiday resort, sports exercise and health care.

Sanya Spot hot Spring

Sanya Travel —— Tropical Primeval Rainforest Sightseeing Travel
Sanya has offered tropical rainforest travel, recuperation, scientific research and exploration at Jianfeng Ridge and Wuzhi Mountain. For the people who prefer the green mountain and forest, the tropical primeval rainforest Hainan travel will fit their travel requires. There are five tropical primeval forest areas in Hainan Province: Wuzhi Mountain, Bawang Ridge, Jianfeng Ridge, Diaoluo Mountain and Limu Mountain Forest Area, which have tropical rainforest climate with warm winter and cool summer. The average annual temperature is 22.4℃. At present,

Sanya Travel  Moutain Vally
Sanya travel Moutain View

Sanya Travel —— Golf vacation
Hainan island has over 15 golf courses and set up golf clubs. Hainan Island has pleasant weather, which is suitable for golf playing all year round. The golf courses locate in seaside, lakeside, near the hot spring or central cities and within the tourist resorts, which can be used to hold all kinds of international and domestic golf matches, golf club activities and body-building for family and individuals.

Sanya golf
Sanya Golf

Sanya Travel —— Diving and Water Sports

Hainan Province has good conditions of diving. The seawater is warm all year round, 6 to 10 metres’ transparency without pollution, most suitable for diving and water sports.

Sanya Travel Diving and water sports
Sanya travel

Sanya Travel —— Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Travel

Li and Miao Nationalities Flavor Sightseeing and Holiday Tourist have the features of Hainan national cultural tradition with combination of sightseeing and holiday. Come to Sanya, make a great travel!

Haitang Bay Five-Star Resort Hotel Project, Sanya,China

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Project Start Date: January 2008 | Completion Date: December 2010

The proposed five-star resort hotel at Sanya, Hainan province, China will be built on an area of approximately 18 9,061 sq m. The project contains 700 hotel guest rooms and 60 villas with a gross floor area of 113,437 sq m including spa facilities and restaurants. The development is target to be completed by the year of 2010 to meet the fast track programme.

Arup project management provided professional project management services from masterplanning, schematic design, construction to project handover to operation.



Sanya City holidays

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Sanya City holidays – Gateway to famous China beaches
Holidays in Sanya City offer the chance to experience some of the most popular beach resorts in China. Sanya City and the beaches on Sanya Bay are on the south coast of tropical Hainan Island. Beach holidays around Sanya are popular with the Chinese themselves. Regular flights into Sanya City have made Sanya City holidays far more accessible for British holidaymakers. Most Sanya City holiday accommodation is found in upmarket hotels with plenty of familiar names like Sheraton and Holiday Inn. Most Sanya City hotels provide plenty of excursions and activities. A feature of holidays in Sanya City is the selection of restaurants in the city centre, well worth sampling even if your Sanya City holiday is all-inclusive.

Holidays in Sanya City – Sunny tropical climate
Sanya City holidays offer a comfortable base from which to explore famous China beach resorts like Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay. Long, sandy Sanya beaches provide good sunbathing and swimming. For a great beach near Sanya City, try the superb crescent of fine white sand at Dadonghai. Sanya City holidays attract watersports fans with plenty of opportunities for jet skiing and water skiing. The year-round, warm, sunny climate makes winter holidays in Sanya City an attractive option.

Sanya City holidays – Dozens of intriguing excursions
Walkers and nature lovers on holiday in Sanya City should head for the Gan Shi Ling Tropical Forest. Family holidays in Sanya City could include the renowned Sea Zoo, the Fairy Deer Garden or the historic ancient city of Yazou.  Local Sanya City holiday sights include Butterfly Valley and the city’s amazing fruit markets. Other worthwhile Sanya City holiday excursions include historic mosques, ancient caves, moderately thrilling Buddhist theme parks and the tempting Felicity and Longevity Culture Park. No holiday in Sanya City is complete without visiting the unique Remotest Corner of the Earth Resort or the snappily-named Sea and Mountain Wonderful Scenic Site.

Beach holiday in Sanya

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In this season, it is the best time to go Hainan for an enjoyment. The beatutiful views and the good accomodation will make you fully refreshed.

Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa
Range: Five-star

Hilton Sanya Resort and Spa

This hotel, positioned on Yalong Bay, Hainan’s southernmost tip, overlooks a 750 meter stretch of powdery white sand.Its six restaurants and bars, all based on traditional Chinese elements, offer indoor dining in air-conditioned comfort and al fresco dining in the island’s balmy breeze.Big Kitchen All-Day Dining is an all-day dining restaurant with a trendy open-kitchen setting as its main draw. Diners will find all kinds of world cuisines served here. After the Hilton Resort Breakfast, the restaurant turns into an open lunchtime kitchen serving noodles and pastas, sandwich boards, baked goods and sushi, sashimi and salads ?even barbecues, grills and stews. A whole new atmosphere wafts in at dusk for a fancy dinner tour of the world – Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, Sri Lankan, Indian, Australian, Pacific Island, Middle Eastern, Continental European and American are mixed up for creative dishes.

Address: Yalong Bay National Resort District, Sanya
Get there: 40km from Phoenix Airport in Sanya and 230km from the Meilan Airport in Haikou, 25km to the railway station, and 20km from Sanya’s dontown.
Tel: +86-898-8858 8888

Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel
Range: Three-star  USD212 – USD244

Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel

The Sanya Romantic Seaview Hotel hotel ideally located on the picturesque beach of Dadonghai, which is embraced by natural mountain terrain with a pleasant mix of greenery accentuating the beauty of Hainan’s natural flora. This hotel offers excellent and comfortable room service, food, recreation and meeting-room capabilities for tourists and business guests alike.
Your romantic vacation starts at the Sanya Romantic Sea View Hotel. The hotel is magnificent and luxurious with tropical atmosphere. Bright and effulgent south China sunshine make every rare tropical flower appear more flamboyant and gorgeous. The landscaping is a pleasant mix of greenery.

Address: Dadonghai Travel District, Sanya 572000
Get there: The picturesque beach Dadonghai, a 20-minute drive from the airport and 10-minute from the downtown.
Tel: +86-898-8821 6888

Sanya Shengyi Seaview Hotel
Range: Three-star USD212 – USD244

The Sanya Shengyi Seaview Hotel is the perfect place to impress clients and partners before signing the next big contract. With its close location to the airport, the hotel is an ideal business trip destination, which offers accommodations, business service, food and drink and entertainment.

The hotel is equipped with a gracefully furnished sea view lobby bar. There are deluxe conference halls and huge auditoriums, all fully equipped for your presentations, as well as large parking lots, souvenir shops and a business center. After the meetings and negotiations are out of the way, leave your clients a lasting impression by inviting them out to enjoy the fantastic natural scenery.

Address: Binhai Road, Sanya 572000
Get there: About 15-minutes from the Sanya Phoenix International Airport.
Tel: +86-898-8889 8333

Sanya Eagle Backpackers Hostel

Range: No-star youth hostel

The hostel’s founder is Jane. Her friends call her Coconut Jne, because she is always sweet and kind. As a certified tour guide, she runs the place and maintains a thoroughly good vibe, as well as clean and comfortable rooms. The triple can also be a dorm, so single travelers can still get a bed for a very cheap price.

Jane offers all sorts of tours from sightseeing trips she leads herself, to diving. She will organize any budget tour that interests you in Sanya to the best of her ability. The hostel opened fairly recently.

All the hostel employees speak fluent English. They are friendly and will help you with English translations and guidance. They try their best to make the hostel a cozy corner for backpackers. It’s not a big hostel, and is very laid back.

Address: No 1206B Haitianhuiyuan Buiding, Yuya Road, Dadonghai, Sanya
Get there: If you take the bus, you will find a stop in front of the Sanya Bus Station. Do not cross the road. Hop on the No 202 bus and get off at the 9th stop to enter the Kaiyue Sea View Hotel. The hostel is on the twelfth floor.
Tel: +86-898-8821 1805

Sanya Blue Sky International Youth Hostel

Range: No-star youth hostel

Alternatively, take the No 202 bus from Sanya center or the bus station and get off at the Summer Mall stop. Head back 40m to Haiyun Road and turn left, then follow the road another 60m.

The hostel also offers a taxi pick-up service at Sanya Phoenix Airport. The cost is 50 yuan per taxi. Call in advance or email to make the arrangement – especially if you will arrive after 6pm.”When we stayed here, several other guests who had been traveling independently through China rated the Blu Sky as the best hostel in the country. In a place as big as China, that is a big call. But it’s hard to disagree.The owner of the hostel sets the tone with regular events, including a great value weekly DIY seafood barbecue, and make-your-own dumplings sessions …

The hostel organizes beautiful tours in or around Sanya – all friendly and cheap. You can relax at an extremely cheap body or foot massage, for only 15 yuan per hour. If you want to learn more about the local minorities, a Li and Miao minority village package should satisfy your curiosity. If you are a restless traveler and would like to exercise, you can go scuba diving and snorkeling, climb Nanshan and Tianyahaijiao, tour the nearby Monkey Island or hike in the rain forest. No matter what you do during the daytime, head to Nan Tian Hot Spring at nightfall to relax your bones and muscles after a day of activity.”

Address: 20 Haiyun Road, Dadonghai District, Sanya
Get there: A taxi from the bus station to the hostel sets you back 10 yuan for 3km. The 25km from the Sanya Phoenix Airport to the hostel costs 50 yuan. Call the hostel if the driver can’t find it.
Tel: +86- 898-8818 2320

The sky is ugly. The sandstorms are on their way. No matter how you slice it, Beijing’s pre-spring season leaves much to be desired. For a beach holida, Sanya is the best choice to fill that craving for warmer surroundings.
Located on the southern edge of Hainan Island, the city has four main parts: Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Beach, Downtown Sanya and Sanya Bay. However, prepping for a holiday there requires more than just picking which hotel to stay in.

Sanya’s beaches are divided up by activities. Besides the basic sea, sun and sandy beach, the city also offers golf, scba diving, hot springs, a hike in the rain forest, sailing and fishing, rafting, spa treatments, shopping, night life and great venues for sampling the local seafood.

Beijing Today covers five of the best hotels for these activities. The list includes one of the most luxurious five-star hotels, two cozy three-stars and a couple of no-star hostels for the younger travel crowd.

Sanya Hotels Sanya Travel